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Boarding Rates in Chesapeake, Virginia

Las Gaviotas Pet Hotel offers affordable boarding rates in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Type of Animal or Service
Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Large Dogs

Extra Large Dogs


Walk Your Pet

Administer Furnished Medication to Your Pet

Vet Trip during Office Hours

After Hours Emergency Vet Trip
Animal Weight








$24.00 Day

$25.00 Day

$26.00 Day

$27.00 Day

$18.00 Day

$2.00 Per Walk
$1.00 Per Day (up to 2 medications)
$3.00 Per Day (injections, i.e., insulin, allergy shots)
$25.00 per visit

$50.00+ per visit


Playtime Sessions – Innovative Play Tailored for Your Pet

Silhouette cat nap - pet hotels in Chesapeake, VA
Kitty kapers
Your purr-fect feline will love getting out to stretch her/his legs and playing with an assortment of toys, including the finest cat nip available. We promise to keep them entertained, and they will always return to their suite with plenty of snacks to munch on.
$10.00 – 15 minutes
Map - pet hotels in Chesapeake, VA
Treats ahoy
Your non-peg-legged companion will be hunting for cookies during this fun activity. She/he will love grabbing the treasure map and running around, playing ball, catching the Frisbee, running thru tunnels, ramp climbing, and jumping through tires to get to our treat filled sand box where they will begin to dig for buried treasure. After gathering plenty of “gold” she/he will splash down into our refreshing *wading pool to take a nice dip before returning to their suite. (*Pool Available Memorial Day Thru Labor Day)
$25.00 – 30 minutes or
$15.00 – 15 minutes
Silhouette Mountains - pet hotels in Chesapeake, VA
Stroll in the park
Your little sniffer will love going for a stroll in our beautiful two acres of land that is totally fenced in. Being accompanied by her/his own counselor to stroll and talk one-on-one, your fur ball of love will talk about how much they are enjoying their vacation here at the Pet Hotel. It’s a good chance for them to get out and about to enjoy some fresh air.
$2.00 – 10 minutes
Silhouette Park - pet hotels in Chesapeake, VA
Slumber party
Your perfect pooch will love gabbing with the girls or hanging with the guys during our slumber party. This is a chance for your faithful companion to enjoy some scrumptious ice cream and cookies before being tucked in for the night. (Cookies and Ice Cream)
Pictures will be taken of your pet at play when you schedule them for Kitty Kapers, or Treats Ahoy.


Payment for all services is expected at checkout. We accept cash, personal checks (No Starter Checks), Visa™,MasterCard™, Discover™, and American Express™.

Check in During Business Hours

Bring all agreed upon medications. Allow enough time in the kennel office to fill out the necessary paperwork. The kennel needs to know such things as:
• Your Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Return Date
• Additional Services Requested
• Where You Can Be Reached in Case of an Emergency
• The Name of a Local Contact
• Your Veterinarian's Name and Phone Number
• Special Feeding Instructions
• Medication Instructions

Additional Concerns

If your pet has any special problems which are not covered on the check-in forms, such as fear of thunder, epilepsy, or deafness, make sure to point them out to your kennel operator.

For a complete list of our affordable boarding rates, contact our pet kennel in Chesapeake, Virginia.